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The Summer Personality

Your brand is like a trusted and reliable friend. The summer personality is organized, elegant and productive.
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Summer brands do their best work in clean and structured environments.

They’re intuitive, supportive and have a strong sense of responsibility. They exude timeless beauty and a strong sense of empathy. They are equal parts creative and productive.

If you are looking to create a look and feel that expresses efficiency, reliability and trust, the cool and muted colors of this brand personality will help you communicate what you’re all about and attract people who are a match for your vibe and resonate with your messaging.

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Your Brand Vibe

Structure, Order, Process

Strongly intuitive, romantic, understated style, detail-oriented, perfectionist, observant, supportive, sensitive, strong sense of responsibility, even-tempered.

Your brand voice is more on the serious side, free from spelling errors and more aspirational in style. You lean towards delicate, eloquent language that is always grammatically correct.

Efficient, productive, well organized, supportive.

Finding the right balance between perfection and spontaneity.

Elegant, romantic, graceful, delicate, stylish, reserved, luxurious, aspirational, balanced, harmonious, chic, intuitive, logical, organized, empathetic, creative, understated.

Your Brand Visuals


Delicate and faded colors. Muted tones. 


Beautiful, delicate script fonts. Traditional, graceful serif fonts.


Flowing, elegant and soft lines, organic textures and shapes, vintage styling.


Lifestyle photography, natural landscapes, faded colors.

Your Dream Office Space

If we were to design an office space to match your brand personality, it would look like this:

Your Business Type:

This brand personality is an ideal match for the following business types:

  • Creative professionals
  • Coaching businesses
  • High-quality/high-ticket businesses
  • Well-established business
  • Lifestyle businesses
Perfect for:

Digital Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Creatives, Educators, Course Creators, Consultants, Photographers, Podcasters, Copywriters, Designers, Content Creators, Authors, Business to Business Service Providers, Content Marketers, Health & Nutrition Professionals, Personal Stylists, Beauty Experts, Financial Advisors, Real Estate Professionals, Food Bloggers, Life Coaches.

The Brand Personality Spectrum

This slider is designed to help you visualize the positioning of this brand across different aspects and attributes.

The Brand Personality Matrix

This diagram shows you where this brand falls in relation to other brand seasons.

a message from nadine:

Something magical happens when you finally have branding that you're proud of.

You start to show up in your business more confidently. 

You’re excited and inspired to create more content, be more visible and seek out more opportunities.

You start attracting more of the people you want to attract, and less of those you don’t. 

You raise your prices unapologetically because your branding finally reflects the quality of what you have to offer.

And secretly, you just feel like a total badass. 

I want all of these things for you! And I hope this quiz has helped you nail your brand personality so you can finally have branding that truly feels like “you”.

xo, Nadine

the summer personality

Recommended Templates

The following templates have been expertly-curated to match your brand personality

Hustle & Heart is the most on-brand template for you.

It’s luxurious and aspirational with beautiful, muted colors, organic shapes and flowing lines. This template is ideal for you if you want your brand to look chic, harmonious, and grounded. If you are looking for warm sophistication, this is the perfect choice for you.

The Summer Color Palettes
true blue

Style & Strategy is a more delicate take on your brand personality.

It’s got all the intentionality and confidence your brand personality needs but with a more light-hearted vibe. This template is great for you if you want to add a joyous and calming energy to your brand.

The Summer Color Palettes
green & pink

Dream & Delight is a summer brand with bolder, less delicate lines. This template is a great match for you if you want your brand to feel soft and aspirational without looking dainty. This brand uses a muted summer color palette paired with a minimalist and clean-cut design.

The Summer Color Palettes
blue berry


The templates below are available in summer color palettes that could make them a great fit for you.

rose & patina
summer vibes

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