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Dear Diy-er,

DIY Your Brand Without Looking Like a DIY Job

Just because you’re a one-woman show or you don’t have a huge team, that doesn’t mean you should settle for the amateur vibes of a DIY brand.

The online world has become riddled with fly-by-nighters and self-proclaimed “experts” who are making it harder for real experts like you to get noticed and be taken seriously. That means that if you want to position yourself as a legit expert in your field and rise above the noise, you can’t afford to have cheap branding that makes you look like an amateur. But having great professional branding doesn’t mean you have to hire a little army of designers or go to graphic design school. 

We created Digital Brand Kit to give you the power to design your own assets and still have graphics that look like they were made by a pro, because they were.

Say goodbye to:

Having unprofessional, inconsistent, off-brand materials that make you look like a side hustler instead of an expert. 

Wasting time messing around with your branding instead of doing “real” work. 

Feeling embarrassed because your branding doesn’t look professional or reflect your level of expertise. 

Delaying projects or procrastinating because you’re not proud of what you’re putting out into the world.

The Bottom Line

Being able to produce great designs on your own will not only make you feel more empowered, confident and excited about your business, it will completely transform how people see your business and value your work.

"When I DIY-ed my own branding, it was all over the place."

I loved doing it because it’s fun and I got to play with colors. But I ended up with an embarrassing hodge podge of assets that made my brand look messy and all over the place. And as someone who’s in the business of money and works with high income earners, I couldn’t afford to look cheap. Now, not only does my branding look clean, sharp and professional, but it actually reflects my pricing and makes me feel proud of everything I’m putting out into the world.

-helen ngo, financial advisor

Ready to DIY Your Brand and Still Look Like a Pro?

Around these parts, we believe in having your cake and eating it too. So, grab a spoon.

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