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Does your color palette need black, gold, or gray?

Does your brand need a touch of black? What about a shimmer of gold? How about a streak of gray? (Not the type that runs through your hair, but those are groovy too!)

By the end of this article you’ll know if black, gold, or gray are right for your brand.

🖤 Black 🖤

We often associate black with elegance and sophistication, but it also signifies depth and introspection. It evokes feelings of power, authority, formality, and prestige while representing a sense of strength and resilience. 

Embodying the absence of light yet holding potential for transformation, black is a versatile and “sexy” color that you can use to add drama to your designs.  

🫶 Gold 🫶

Gold is a color imbued with rich symbolism. You probably think of wealth, luxury, and success when you think of gold—and for good reason. It represents abundance, achievement, and prosperity. 

Gold also signals radiance and luminosity. Use it to convey a sense of material wealth, spiritual enlightenment, and timeless value. 

🤍 Gray 🤍

You might think gray is boring, but hear me out before you judge this color! Gray is grounding and can add both tranquility and depth to your designs. It’s associated with neutrality and balance, so use it to signal practicality and compromise. 

You can also use gray to evoke calm, maturity, and insightfulness. If you want to come across as sophisticated and introspective, consider adding gray to your color palette. 

Even if your conscious brain thinks colors are trivial, your subconscious brain doesn’t. Because colors are signals your brain uses to make sense of this marvelously messy world. And that’s why your brand needs colors to represent your personality, your values, and the values of your ideal customer.  

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