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Go from Idea to Execution Faster

No more debilitating overwhelm. No more missed opportunities. And no more relying on OUTSIDE help to make things happen INSIDE your business.

Having the ability to quickly create great-looking graphics ON DEMAND means you can go from idea to execution faster, and have the bandwidth to produce more content, create more products and get your brand in front of more people.

here are some examples of money-making, time-saving things you can do with your templates:

Example #1

promote anything on demand

Craft a campaign to presell your program before you build it

Want to promote your upcoming coaching program so you can pre-sell it and start generating some buzz? Instead of spending days looking for a designer and then another few weeks doing back and forth emails and countless revisions, just open up your templates and in less than 3 hours you’ll be able to create:

  1. An enticing and professional logo for your program
  2. Mockups to promote it on your website
  3. Graphics for your emails
  4. Social graphics to get the word out

All that time and money you saved? Use it to write killer copy for your sales page and social captions or hire an amazing copywriter to do it for you. You’re welcome!

soul & style logo maker
without dbk
with dbk
Time : 7-15 Days
Time : 2-3 Hours
Cost : $450-$1,500
Cost: $0
"The confidence to feel like you can move forward on any new idea you have is priceless."

It’s amazing to be able to finally execute on something that you’ve been procrastinating on for months or years because you were like “how am I gonna make this happen?” There’s something about seeing the templates and seeing it all come together that makes you feel like “there is possibility there” and “I can actually do this”. It’s less daunting.

-monica leed, professional organizer
rise & shine media guide
without dbk
with dbk
Time : 10-15 Days
Time : 3-4 Hours
Cost : $950-$1,750
Cost: $0

Example #2

never miss a media opportunity

Put together a Media Guide that gets you noticed. And booked!

You’re ready to take your business to the next level and start getting booked on podcasts and media interviews. You’re gonna need a killer media guide to help you stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of getting featured on your dream shows and podcasts.

Instead of wasting hours Googling “what to include in a media kit” or hiring a pro to design one for you, just grab your Media Guide template and:

  • Add your pictures and bio
  • Add your stats and credentials
  • Complete the fill-in-the-blanks copy 
  • Add your contact info

And you’re done!

"The media kit is probably one of the most intimidating assets you have to create as a business owner."

You always feel like you haven’t done enough or are expert enough to go out there and pitch yourself for big speaking gigs or media interviews. So, making the process so streamlined, so plug and play was such a game changer for me. And the added bonus is that the design is beautiful!

-rafat fields, sales expert

Example #3

webinars made easy

Prepare a webinar to launch with a bang and sell your new offer

You’re gearing up for your big launch and it’s time to put together an airtight webinar to help you showcase your offer and prime your audience to buy from you. This is where most people get stuck. Some for weeks or months. Some people get so overwhelmed that they never create a webinar at all.

Instead of going to town on your slide deck for days, avoiding it for weeks, or Frankenstein-ing together a not-great-but-good-nuff deck two days before your launch, and then spending the hour before you go live frantically tweaking your slides at the last minute because you just remembered that you forgot something…

Grab your webinar slide templates and follow the step-by-step instructions included. All the slides you need are there for you in the exact order you need them to make sure your webinar flows beautifully, keeps your audience engaged and converts them into buyers.

dream & delight webinar slides
without dbk
with dbk
Time : 3-4 Weeks
Time : 1-2 Days
Cost : $4,000+
Cost: $0
"I was literally avoiding creating a course and launching it because I didn’t want to have to do a webinar."

Creating a webinar felt so daunting and overwhelming that I resisted it for a long time. Because I now have a webinar template, I’m much more relaxed about the idea of creating a webinar.

-esma kirim, creativity coach

the tldr version

Digital Brand Kit won't just help you look good, it will help you get sh*t done.

You know that feeling when something you thought would take you 2 hours to do, only takes you 20 minutes? Get ready to feel that everyday.

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