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Confidently Outsource Your Design Needs

(Without losing your mind, your savings or your brand identity)

You might think that finding an amazing designer who “gets you” and produces amazing graphics for you on the go and with ZERO direction is just a pipe dream. And, let’s be real, it kinda is.

If you’ve ever tried to outsource design work before, YOU KNOW how frustrating the process can be. The endless back and forth emails, the misunderstood requests for edits, the extra charges for the extra requests for edits… It can get messy, costly and time consuming

The vast majority of freelance designers haven’t worked with big brands, which means they haven’t been required to marry timeless design principles with sales psychology. And the overwhelming majority of them have ZERO digital marketing credentials. All of this means that they rely 100% on YOU to give them creative direction, educate them on how things need to be done and show them exactly what you want.

This can make outsourcing your design projects frustrating, time-consuming and counterproductive.

It forces you to have to write “mean” emails you wish you didn’t have to write and play “teacher” with your designer when you really should be doing a million other things.

Your emails before

Outsourcing your design work can also mean losing quality and getting graphics that look cheap or don’t match your brand style.

 If you’ve ever experienced the gut-wrenching disappointment of being completely underwhelmed by the graphics your designer created for you (as in “that’s not at all what I had envisioned”), you know how unproductive and infuriating outsourcing design projects can be when you (or your designer) don’t know what you’re doing.

"One of the problems I’ve found working with a lot of graphic designers is that they don’t have a background in marketing."

They know how to make things beautiful but they’re not qualified to design things that actually convert or make sense from a strategic marketing perspective. What I love about the Digital Brand Kit templates is that they’re not just beautiful and functional, but they’re also designed to convert and move people to action. 

-monica leed, professional organizer

Our templates were designed by an award-winning designer and creative director who is certified in Digital Psychology and has a decade of experience working with high profile personal brands and Fortune 500 companies.

That means you can confidently hand your pre-made, designer-approved, conversion-optimized templates to your team and let them execute on your ideas with little to no oversight from you while you focus on doing the work that really drives your business forward.

Your emails after

"Digital Brand Kit has made outsourcing my design needs so much easier."

I literally just hand my templates over to my team and they’re able to easily create on brand graphics for me every time with minor edits. This has literally saved me weeks of phone calls and back and forth emails that I used to have to go through when outsourcing my design needs before.

-esma kirim, creativity coach
grace & gumption course slides

Our templates are going to be a game changer for your business.

Because it means that ANYONE on your team can now quickly and easily create professional and consistently on-brand graphics for you using pre-approved designs that are already in line with your brand style and desired look and feel.

No more endless back and forths. No more pulling your hair out in frustration because your graphics look like a cheap version of you.

Instead of spinning your wheels trying to come up with creative ideas or reinventing the wheel every time you outsource a new design project, you can give your team a pre-made, drag and drop template and have them tweak it and put your content into it. 

Not only does this ensure that your graphics look amazing EVERY TIME, it also saves you money by cutting your billable design time in half.
"Normally when you outsource design work, you need to find someone who is skilled in InDesign or Photoshop and has good eye for design.

But with these templates, I don’t need to find a highly skilled designer. I can outsource my templates to anyone because pretty much everyone knows how to use PowerPoint. All they need to know is where to drag and drop things.

-hilary billings, keynote speaker

the tldr version

Digital Brand Kit makes outsourcing your design needs easy and headache-free.

With templatized graphics that practically design themselves, ANYONE on your team (even the most design-averse) can create your graphics for you.

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