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a *smarter* kind of design template

Baked-in Strategy and Built-in Copywriting

Our templates contain copy prompts, proven implementation frameworks and step-by-step instructions to help you quickly build out highly strategic assets.

Design templates in and of themselves are not revolutionary.

You can go on any online creative marketplace right now and buy a ton of beautiful graphic assets and templates for your workbooks, slides, social media, etc.

But there are two main problems with these kinds of “generic” templates:

Problem #1

They come in a bunch of different design styles so you have to piecemeal your assets from different designers and then spend time customizing them to fit your brand colors, fonts and design aesthetic. 

Problem #2

They’re pretty but they’re not strategic. This leaves you with the extra work of researching, learning and infusing sales & marketing strategy into these assets so that your beautiful designs actually attract paying clients.


Digital Brand Kit: The Magic Cure for "Generic-Templatitis"

We are innovating the design template space by providing a full suite of design assets in one cohesive style (less design work for you!), with only “smart” templates that deliver gorgeous visuals alongside the marketing strategy that your business needs (less guesswork for you).

Fun + Functional.
Pretty + Practical.
Stunning + Strategic.
dream & delight webinar slides

Here's the deal :

Most design templates out there are made by very talented graphic designers who have

... zero formal marketing training...

... zero experience working with high-profile personal brands...

... and no clue what it takes to build a successful digital business or launch a digital program.

Unlike other generic templates...

Our templates were conceived and designed by an award-winning designer who has successfully built her own online business, has a decade of experience working with high-profile brands and is certified in Digital Psychology and Behavioral Design.

She's invested thousands of dollars to learn marketing strategies from best-in-business experts and she synthesized and infused everything she learned into DBK's easy to implement frameworks and strategy-informed designs.

We coined the term “branded implementation tools” because what we give you are strategic marketing and content creation tools, wrapped in beautiful branding.

Built-in Copywriting

Our templates contain fill-in-the-blanks, conversion-optimized copy prompts to help spark ideas. So you can spend less time looking for the right words and more time creating great content!

Structured Content

Beautiful design templates are easy to find. Structured templates that are strategically organized to make it easy for you to create content and build products for your business, that’s priceless.

Baked-in Strategy

Our templates come with easy-to-implement frameworks and strategy-informed designs. They’re not just graphic assets, they’re strategic marketing and content creation tools, wrapped in beautiful branding.

Our templates are designed with your biggest business needs in mind and optimized to help you get results. More importantly, our templates are proven. Since 2019, our clients have been successfully using our templates to grow their personal brands, build programs and products for their businesses and create beautifully branded content for their audiences.

Generic Templates vs. Our Templates

Generic Templates

Limited number of layout options

Crafted to “look pretty”

Made by graphic designers with no marketing experience and no experience working with high-profile brands

Decorative design

It’s hard to find all the assets you need in one single design style

Requires extra customization

Contain only lorem ipsum/placeholder text

Content and layouts are provided in random order with no helpful structure

You have to piecemeal your branding by buying one template at a time

Our Templates

Massive variety of layouts and designs

Crafted to convert

Made by an award-winning designer and digital marketing expert with a decade of experience working with high-profile brands

Strategy-informed design

You get all the assets you need in one beautifully cohesive design style

Plug and play ready

Contain copy prompts and built-in copywriting

Content and layouts are neatly organized and structured in the exact order you need them

You get all the brand assets you need in one instant download

rise & shine media guide

Example #1

The Media Kit

Our media kit templates not only look A+ professional, but the template itself acts as a guide so that you’re crystal clear on what content you need to include in order to stand out and get booked for podcasts and interviews. Quickly plug all of your content into the pre-made placeholders and then go warm up your vocal cords because when you send out a media kit like this, interview requests will start to flood in.

"I love that these are not just design templates. They have pre-written copy in them."

The copy prompts really help me pull ideas out of my head and get my creative juices flowing.

- rafat fields, sales expert

Example #2

The Course Kit

The course template doesn’t just include beautiful slide layouts, it also contains framework slides and copy prompts to help you structure your teaching content and make it easy for you to build your course faster. These templates are based on vetted instructional design principles and formatted to help you create a premium, engaging and interactive learning experience for your students. 

Our course templates have been used by dozens of clients to build and launch successful digital courses. This is one of our most popular templates because our clients love that it makes creating course content much easier, faster and MORE FUN.

grace & gumption course slides
"You’ve done such an amazing job of creating templates that are super strategic and making sure you include everything that needs to be in there."

It really takes the pressure off of me so I don’t have to worry that maybe I forgot to include something in my webinar or forgot an important page in my speaker kit. If I had hired a designer, they would have put the burden on me to tell them what to include but with my templates I have the confidence and peace of mind of knowing that my assets were created by an expert.

- hilary billings, keynote speaker
style & strategy social squares

Example #3

The Social Kit

The social media templates aren’t just a bunch of basic (but pretty!) graphics. You’ll also get tons of content ideas, and everything is organized into the 3 main content buckets that every solid social media strategy needs. You’ll be able to plan weeks of social content in a couple of hours and you’ll never run out of ideas for what to post. Never!

the tldr version

You Get Structured Content, Built-in Copywriting and Baked-in Strategy

You could spend weeks and thousands of dollars learning the latest strategies in digital marketing or you could just open your templates and follow our easy instructions to create highly strategic assets in just a few minutes or hours.

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