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Now You Can Build Your Webinar in a Day

All the slides you need to create a high-converting webinar. No guesswork. No ugly slides. No sleazy "bro-marketer" tactics.

The online world is riddled with sleazy pitchfest webinars that nobody wants to sit through anymore.

Even though webinars are still by far THE MOST effective way to grow your email list, connect with your audience and sell your offers, people have become much more discerning and selective about the webinars they sign up for and what/who they give their time to. The bar has been raised, big time. And we’re here to help you up your webinar game.

Nowadays, if you want to hook people in and keep them engaged long enough to hear your offer, you need to build a solid webinar that offers your audience:

A beautiful visual experience that will delight their eyes

A ton of valuable content that will tickle their minds

A story-driven presentation that will inspire their hearts 

And a compelling pitch that will open their wallets.

Our unique and colorful templates will help you stand out in the sea of mediocre, ugly and sleazy webinars

You’ll have everything you need to build a webinar that will not only be a joy for you to create and present but a joy for your audience to attend. The kind of webinar that will keep your audience hooked on your every word, taking pictures of your slides to share on Instagram and sprinting to your checkout page to snag your offer.

All the Slides You Need, in the Exact Order You Need Them

These are not generic slide templates. They're expertly designed, fill-in-the-blanks webinar templates with built-in copywriting and slides that are structured for you and arranged in the exact order you need them.

Every single slide layout you need is included, which means you don’t have to waste time customizing and creating new layouts to fit your needs. We literally tell you exactly what slides to include, in what order and what to put on each slide.

All you need to do is put together great content to plug into your templates.

You get 280 webinar slides divided into 3 main sections:

The Opening Slides

The first 10 minutes of your webinar are the most crucial because they set the tone for the rest of your presentation. We give you the slides you need to start with a bang and get your audience excited to stick around.

The Content Slides

This is what everybody showed up for and it’s your chance to deliver massive value and establish yourself as a trusted expert. We give you the slides you need to deliver your content and showcase your expertise beautifully.

The Closing Slides

This is the most dreaded part of the webinar and if you’re not a “natural self-promoter” transitioning to “sell mode” can feel icky. We give you a sleaze-proof pitch structure to make selling feel easy, natural and even fun! 

The Opening Slides

Start your webinar with an exciting, compelling and visually delightful opening

The opening section of your webinar is key to making sure people stick around for the rest of it. We give you the slides you need to set the scene for your story and set the tone for your presentation.

includes 55 slides

Pre-webinar slides, titles slides and housekeeping slides that set the tone for a beautiful visual experience for your audience

Strategic slides to help you state your promise to your audience, show them that you understand their struggles and get them excited about the possibility of overcoming them.

Done-for-you strategic slides like: “about me” slides to show your experience and credibility and “bonus teaser” slides to get them excited about sticking around until the end

"You’ve taken something that seems so frickin’ overwhelming for so many of us and made it super simple and easy."

With the webinar template, I can actually sit down and create my entire webinar in an afternoon. I know exactly what slides to use and the exact order I need them and they’re already done for me! It could potentially take somebody like 5 months if they’re piecing this together on their own. And now they can do it in 5 hours. That’s the difference. That’s revolutionary! You are changing the world.

- monica leed, professional organizer

The Content Slides

Give your audience insanely valuable insights wrapped in gorgeous design

A string of boring bullet point slides is not going to keep your audience interested or engaged. That’s why we give you a ton of creative layouts and fun designs to help you turn your content into a beautiful and compelling visual story that will delight your audience and keep them hanging on your every word.

includes 130 slides

Beautifully built slides to give your audience an overview of what they are about to learn

Plug and play slides to help you showcase your content, stories, images and data in a compelling way

Done-for-you creative layouts that use artistic typography and curated imagery to give your slides a custom professional feel

"I was literally avoiding launching because I didn’t want to have to do a webinar."

Creating a webinar felt daunting and overwhelming that I resisted it for a long time. Because I now have a webinar template, I’m now much more relaxed about the idea of creating a webinar.

- esma kirim, creativity coach

The Closing Slides

Transition from teaching to selling without feeling awkward or sweating bullets.

We give you strategically structured slides to help you seamlessly move people from learning mode to action mode and get your audience excited about your offer without sounding like a sleazy bro-marketer.

includes 95 slides

The right sequence of slides you need to seamlessly transition to the offer (without losing your cool or sweating bullets)

Beautifully built slides to showcase compelling testimonials and anticipate objections (and other ninja-style persuasion tools)

Plug and play slides to help you showcase your product in a compelling way and show the value of your bonuses

Done-for-you strategic slides like: pricing options, bonus stacks, preview demos, product mockups, countdown timers, and more

More Than *Just* Slides

Unlike other template designers, we don’t just give you slides for your webinar.

We give you the whole package, including: templates for your webinar workbook, graphics to promote your webinar on social media and even ad graphics to run paid ads to your registration page.

Webinar Workbook

Having a webinar workbook that you share with your registrants will help you boost your show up rate and make sure a maximum of people attend LIVE.

You can use this workbook to give them a little taste of what you will be sharing with them so you can build up anticipation and get people excited about attending your webinar!

includes 18 pages
Ad Graphics

Customizable graphics you can use to design ad creatives to promote your webinar. Comes in several different formats: square and story for Instagram and widescreen for Facebook.

includes 85 graphics
Social Media Graphics

Tons of social media graphics to help you generate buzz about your webinar and promote it to your audience. You can use these graphics on Instagram, Facebook and even on Pinterest.

includes 45+ graphics
Bonus: Webinar Blueprint

Need help outlining your webinar? The Webinar Blueprint is included as a bonus with the webinar kit.

The Webinar Blueprint gives you the full layout of all your webinar content in an easy to edit Google Doc that you can use to outline your webinar content before you move into the slides.

the tldr version

Plug & Play, Professionally-Designed & Conversion-Optimized Webinar Templates

No more procrastination. No more overwhelm.

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