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courses made *ridiculously* easy

Let's Get That Course Out of Your Head

All the assets you need to build, brand and promote your digital course.

Everything You Need to Build a World-Class Learning Experience for Your Students

Slides to build your course content. Worksheets to give your students printable takeaways. Roadmap diagrams to give your students a big picture view of their learning journey. Customizable graphics to brand your course portal or platform. Social media graphics to promote your course.

And you get all of these assets in one seamlessly and beautifully cohesive design.

The Opportunity

Online courses and paid workshops are still some of the most profitable digital products you can create.

Whether they are your main income source or an additional revenue stream for your business, creating your own educational content is an effective way to build your intellectual property and establish yourself as a thought leader and expert in your field which, in turn, means you can command higher prices for your one-on-one work or speaking engagements.

The Challenge

But building a digital course is also one of the most challenging and overwhelming projects you can take on.

We hear from people all the time who started building courses but never finished them or got stuck in the outline phase. If you’ve been sitting on a course idea for a while, we want to help you extract all of that genius content and dormant potential from your head and package it up into beautiful and profitable digital products.

why you will love it

Structure Your Content Like a Pro

The course kit comes with done-for-you workflow slides rooted in best-in-class instructional design practices and designed to help you structure your course content like a pro.

includes 230 slides
"Creating a digital course requires an enormous amount of work and time! With the course slide templates, I’m already halfway done with creating my course before I’ve even started. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel."

The templates don’t just make it easy for me to turn my outlined content into beautiful slides, but they also gave me an easy-to-follow framework and structure that makes my course content feel organized and professional.

- monica leed, professional organizer

Creative Ways to Showcase Your Content

You get dozens of professionally-designed slide layouts to showcase your content, including diagram slides, bullet point slides, beautiful typographic layouts, animated timelines, and beautiful image slides with expertly-curated stock images.

Get Inspired to Create New Content

Using our templates, you will not only be able to quickly plug your content into pre-made layouts, but you will also get inspired with new content ideas.

Many of our clients tell us they actually feel energized and excited to create their course content, instead of dreading it. And we're here for it!

"The fastest way to build a brand is with quality content and if you don’t have to worry about the design of that content, it frees you up to create more great content."

All you have to do is plop what you have into a great looking template and be on your way. Every time, I go into my templates I get new ideas for content I could create for my audience and it’s so easy and fun.

- brittany hodak, keynote speaker

More Than *Just* Slides

Unlike other template designers, we don’t just give you slides for your course.

We give you the whole package, including: matching course worksheets for your PDF downloads, printable roadmap diagrams to give your students, beautiful graphics to brand your course platform and gorgeous social media templates to promote your course.

Course Portal Graphics

Everything you need to brand and jazz up your course portal. These are customizable templates for all your course portal graphics. From module and lesson thumbnails to welcome messages for your sidebar.

includes 24 graphics
Course Worksheets

Everything you need to create fun sheets, checklists, printables, swipe files and other PDF downloads for your course.

includes 50 pages
Roadmap Printables

Custom graphics that give your students a high-level overview of the course material and how they will move through that material to complete their transformation.

Research shows that visualizing the learning journey helps students feel less overwhelmed and increases their likelihood of successful course completion.

includes 8 graphics
Social Media Graphics

Tons of social media graphics to help you generate buzz about your course and promote it to your audience. You can use these graphics on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest!

includes 80+ graphics
Bonus: Course Outline Builder

Need help outlining your course content? The Course Outline Builder is included as a bonus with the course kit.

The Outline Builder is based on best practices in instructional design and shows you exactly how to structure your video lessons and what to include in each video.

the tldr version

Quickly and Easily Create Content for Your Digital Courses and Paid Workshops

Now you can turn your course outline into a beautiful finished product in hours, instead of days, weeks or months.

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