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How to know if blue, green, or teal are right for your brand

I love colors. I love them so much! But this article is not for me. It’s for you.

Because colors are the single most impactful element of your brand. And you don’t want to mess them up.

So today let’s talk about blue, green, and teal, and how you might use these colors to signal your brand ethos.  

💙 Blue 💙

Blue is a popular color because of its range of positive attributes. It’s the color of trust, loyalty, and security. We love using blue as a “catch all” foundational color and then layering it with brighter colors for contrast. 

Use blue if you want to evoke a calming presence. Go with a deep, dark blue to make your brand feel grounded and confident or choose a light blue to give your brand a sense of tranquility and peace. 

💚 Green 💚

Green is the color of harmony and health. It also signals growth, abundance, and prosperity. You might use green if generosity, hope, and restoration are high on your values list.

Use a deep, dark green for a dose of efficiency and professionalism or a light, bright green for a pop of freshness. If you want to infuse your brand with a sense of calm, you can’t go wrong with a pastel minty green. If you want to radiate a healthy glow, then use a tangy lime green.

💙 💚 💛 Teal 💛💚💙

Teal is a mix of three colors: blue, green and yellow. So it combines the attributes of all three of these colors. It represents the calming of blue, the balance of green, and vigor of yellow.

As a general rule, teal’s creative energy evokes a sense of clarity, calm, and compassion.

A rich, dark teal will give off stable, calming, and inspiring energy while a lighter turquoise will make your brand feel radiant and joyful. 

And that’s a wrap for today! 

There are a bajillion more idiosyncrasies I could share about each color, but the marginal utility of more information is mute. You’ve got a business to run and what matters is that you have enough info to make intelligent (and ultimately high-yielding) decisions for your brand. 

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