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How to use red, pink, & purple in your color palette

Today we are putting red, purple, and pink under the microscope to see these colors for what they truly represent. 

❤️ Red ❤️

Red is dynamic. It’s not just about love. It can represent courage as well as anger and aggression. Red embodies strong emotions like passion and power. We often associate it with intensity and energy, too.  

On one side of the spectrum, you can use red to exude warmth and excitement. On the other side, you can use it to signal danger. 

Its interpretation is influenced by cultural context and individual experience, but as a general rule you should use red to grab attention and stimulate an intense response. 

💜 Purple 💜

Purple is the color of integrity and intuition. Use it to signal strength, vision, and wisdom.

Darker shades of purple will give your brand a prestigious yet approachable feel, while a lighter purple will make your brand feel calm, serene, and relaxing. 

If you want fun, vibrant and creative brand energy, dial up the saturation for a bright purple that pops!

💗 Pink 💗

Pink is massively misunderstood because it has a range of symbolic meanings. We often link it to nurturing, compassionate energy. It embodies tenderness and empathy.

Though it’s often thought of as feminine, pink is not necessarily just a “girly” color. (Remember, pink is both Barbie’s favorite color and the Inter Miami’s jersey color. 😉) 

Use light pink to represent kindness and warmth. Or go for a more saturated hot pink to evoke positivity, optimism, and a sense of playfulness. 

If pink is a color you previously dismissed based on preconceptions, I invite you to reconsider it and include it in your visual identity if its symbolic meaning aligns with your brand. 

That’s all for today!

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