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How to use the email signature template

This article shows you how to customize your email signature graphics, assemble your signature in the provided Google doc and then upload it into Gmail.

Step 1: Open the “Email Signature” PowerPoint template inside your Email Kit.

Slides 5 and 8 contain all the graphics available for you to customize your signature.

Step 2: Create your custom graphics

Start by adding in your headshot. To do this, right click the circle image, select “change picture” and then click “from a file”. Find your headshot and then click “insert”. If needed, you can re-crop the image to center your face in the frame by going to the “Picture Format” tab, clicking the “crop” button and adjusting the cropping as needed. Make sure to pull the image from the corners handles so as to not distort the image.

Next, you can customize the social icons by changing their color. If you need more social icon options, you will find them on slide 22 of your Custom Graphics template inside your Design Kit.

Customize the rest of the graphics you need by inserting your logos, editing the text and changing the colors. Every piece of your graphics is fully customizable.

Step 3: Save your graphics as image files

Once you have all your graphics ready, it’s time to save them as image files so you can load them into your Google doc. To do this, simply select each graphic, right click, select the “save as picture” option and choose a location to save your files. Make sure the “save as” type is set to either JPEG or PNG and then give your file a name and click “save”.

For graphics that are made up of multiple elements, you will need to group them first so that they become one element. To do this, click outside the group, drag to select all elements and then right click and select the “group” option. Once your elements are grouped, repeat the same operation to save them as a picture: right click, select the “save as picture” option, give your file a name and click “save”.

Step 4: Open your Google Doc and arrange your signature graphics and elements

The link to access the Google doc is on slide 3 of your Email Signature template file. Once you open the Google Doc, make sure to first make a copy of it and save on your own drive.

Now you can go ahead and load up your custom graphics into the placeholders. To to this, simply right click the element in the Google doc, select the “replace image” option and click “upload from computer”. Once you have finished uploading all your graphics, you can delete any unused placeholders you don’t need.

Next, you will want to hyperlink all the graphics to the proper website links/URLs so that they become clickable. You can hyperlink each of the social icons to your social pages and link your promo banner to your website or landing page. To do this, simply right click each graphic, click “insert link” and paste your URL in the box.

Lastly, you need to customize your contact information in the text placeholders. You can change the font of the text if you’d like by selecting the text and changing the font on the top menu bar.

Step 5: Upload your signature to Gmail

The final step is to upload your signature to Gmail. To do this, open up your Gmail inbox and in the top right corner, find the little gear icon and click on it. Then, click on “see all settings” and scroll down to the bottom signature section. Click “create new” to set up a new signature and give it a name. Then go back to your Google doc and click and drag to select all your signature graphics as one block. Right click to copy and then go back Gmail to paste the elements into the signature box. Then make sure to click “save changes” at the bottom of the page before exiting back to your inbox. And you’re done!

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