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How to use the podcast audiogram templates

This article shows you how to customize the audiogram graphics in PowerPoint, upload them to the Headliner App and use them to create custom audiograms for social media.

Step 1: Open the “Audiogram Squares” or “Audiogram Stories” PowerPoint template inside your Podcast Kit.

You can choose from any of the provided designs and then customize them as needed. Be sure to delete the audiogram placeholder element before exporting your graphic.

Step 2: Export your custom audiogram background graphic as an image file

To export your graphic, go to the file menu in the top left and click export. Change the “save as type” to JPEG and then select “save current slide only”. Name your file and then click save.

Step 3: Open the Headliner app and create your audiogram

Go to the Headliner app and create your account or login to your existing account. Select the “manual audiograms” option and then follow the video instructions below to upload and setup your graphic. You can either look up your podcast by name and pull a clip from it or you can upload an existing audio clip you already have saved on your computer. From there you can customize the color of the audiogram element and add a progress bar at the bottom if you wish. Once you are done, simply name your project and export the video file.

Once the video is ready, you will get to review the final result and download the video file.

Step 4: Add captions to your audiogram video

Now that you’ve exported your audiogram as a video, the final step is adding the captions into the placeholder. To do this, choose the “caption a video” option and upload your video clip. Follow the instructions in the video below to customize your caption formatting and when you’re done click the blue “export” button to export your final video file. And you’re done!

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