How to Design Your Own Logos

This tutorial will show you, step-by-step, how to work with the Logo Maker template to create custom logos for your personal brand and programs.

1. Customize Your Logo

This video tutorial will show you how to customize the logos inside the Logo Maker to your own brand name or program name as well as tips and tricks to help you put your own twist on them.

Starts at Min 01:04
2. Create a Reverse Logo

Then you’ll learn how to create a reverse logo version of your logo that you can place on darker backgrounds. This is an optional step.

Starts at Min 12:32
3. Save Your Logo as a PNG File

Finally you’ll learn the two-step process to save your new logo as an image file that you can export and use on your marketing materials.

Starts at Min 13:58

Click the icons in the top right of the video to navigate by chapter or search by keyword so you can jump straight to the section you need.

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