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Dear Outsourcer,

Take Back Control of Your Own Branding

Now you can create (and update!) your own graphics without having to call (or wait on) a designer

You became an entrepreneur so you could call the shots in your life and design your business on your own terms. So why are you sitting in the back seat when it comes to your branding and marketing?

Digital Brand Kit puts you back in the driver’s seat of your own business so you can execute on your ideas without relying on outside help.

Say goodbye to:

The feeling of being held hostage by a designer, being 100% reliant on them to make every little edit you need and paying an expensive hourly rate for minor changes.

The time-sucking back and forth emails, the misunderstood requests for edits and the extra charges for the extra edits.

Sacrificing quality and settling for graphics that look cheap, don’t match your brand style and don’t represent you or the quality of your content.

Feeling like you can’t get things done in your business without an army of people to help you do it all.

The Bottom Line

You shouldn’t miss out on opportunities, delay taking action on your ideas or pull your hair out in frustration because your designer came in over budget or took too long to respond to your email.

Still want to be able to outsource your design? Click here to see how we make outsourcing your design needs easy-peasy.

"Digital Brand Kit has given me back control of my own branding."

Most designers can get a little finicky about sending you PSD files because they want to keep you coming back to them for any edits you need, even a comma change. So, if you want to change anything in your graphics, you have to pay them to do it for you and then you’re on their schedule. I’ve had to settle for graphics with typos on them because I didn’t want to have to deal with the back and forth with a designer. And now I can skip all of that and do it myself!

-hilary billings, keynote speaker

Ready to take control of your own branding, too?

It's time to empower yourself to make things happen in your business, on your own terms and on your own timeline.

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