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Should you include yellow, orange, or brown in your color palette?

Here’s what you should know about yellow, orange, and brown before you decide if these colors are right for your brand’s color palette.

💛 Yellow 💛

Yellow is the color of joy and glorious optimism. It exudes enthusiasm, cheerfulness, and happiness. Yellow also has a stimulating effect on the brain. It inspires curiosity. 

A deep, intense, even mustardy yellow will make your brand feel bold and confident, whereas a light, pastel yellow will give your brand a soft and delicate glow. If you want your brand to feel intellectually stimulating, use a bright, highly saturated yellow. 

🧡 Orange 🧡

Orange is a youthful and energetic color. Use it to demonstrate warmth, passion, joy and fun. You can also use it to uplift and refresh your audience.

A deep rusty orange or vibrant saffron with stronger red tones will give your brand a sense of strength and determination. But a softer peachy pastel orange will give your brand a delicate, youthful energy without making it feel overly dainty.

🤎 Brown 🤎 

Brown is a color that holds symbolic depth. It’s often tied to earthiness, stability, and reliability. It grounds us and connects us to nature. 

Representing simplicity and humility, brown can evoke feelings of warmth and comfort. It’s associated with durability and dependability, mirroring the steadfastness of natural elements. 

Use brown for a sense of authenticity, stability, and appreciation for the beauty and simplicity of the natural world. 

Do yellow, orange, or brown belong in your color palette? 

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