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Need a logo for your new program? You can choose from any of the 40+ pre-made logos in your design kit. Want to update your personal brand logo? You’ll find options for that too. 

Your Design Kit also includes a professional style guide containing all your brand details, custom branded graphics for your website and landing pages and a massive mockup bank to help you create gorgeous physical mockups for all your digital products.

the design kit
design samples

Visual assets to help you brand your emails and make them more clickable

If you’ve ever tried to design your own email signature, you know what a time suck it can be. 

Your email kit doesn’t just contain a beautiful email signature template, it also comes with clickable email graphics to help you promote your content and pre-designed headers to help you brand your emails.

the email kit
design samples

Graphics to make your blog posts more fun, readable and shareable

Your blog kit comes with blog header graphics that are optimized for Pinterest as well as opt-in banners and sidebar images to help you promote your offers and lead magnets on your blog. 

You also get a ton of beautiful social graphics (squares and stories) to help you promote your new posts and drive traffic to your blog.

the blog kit
design samples

Turn plain content into beautiful PDF assets in minutes

Whether it’s a lead magnet, bonus download or paid digital product, this kit will give you the templates you need to create all the printables, fun sheets, checklists, worksheets, guidebooks, eBooks and workbooks your digital business needs. 

You will get tons of colorful page layouts with expertly curated imagery and easy to use text placeholders. 

Just plug your content in and you can transform a plain Google doc into a gorgeous PDF asset in minutes.

the lead magnet kit
design samples

Everything you need to build, brand and promote your course

Your course kit comes with a massive library of expertly designed slide templates that are optimized for e-learning. Your slides aren’t just beautiful, they make it easier for you to build your course faster. All you have to do is plug your content into them and hit save. 

You also get dozens of worksheet templates to help you create PDF downloads, custom thumbnail graphics to help you brand your course portal, pre-made course roadmap diagrams to help your students visualize their learning journey and a complete suite of social assets to help you tease and promote your course.

the course kit
design samples

Build a gorgeous, high-converting webinar in one day

Creating a webinar can be daunting, intimidating and overwhelming. Or it can be easy, fun and exciting! 

Your webinar kit comes with a guided, plug and play webinar template that includes copy prompts and gives you all the slides you need in the exact order you need them. So you can build an engaging, high-converting webinar in hours instead of weeks. 

You’ll also get a beautifully designed workbook to give your attendees when they sign up, a suite of social graphics to help you promote your webinar and tons of ad graphics for your paid ads.

the webinar kit
design samples

365+ Days of Done-For-You Social Content and More

As a personal brand and digital entrepreneur, content marketing is the lifeblood of your business. It’s also your biggest time suck. Your social kit gives you more than a year’s worth of inspired and strategic done-for-you social graphics that you can use to plan 30 days of social content in minutes. 

You’ll get tons of content ideas to choose from so you can spend more time writing strategic captions that connect with your audience and less time designing the perfect square.

You also get branded social covers for all your platforms, slides for your IG Lives, IG Story graphics and Pinterest graphics.

the social kit
design samples

All the sales materials you need to pitch, invoice and deliver your services

If you offer VIP days or any kind of one-on-one coaching or services, this kit contains everything you need to pitch your services, onboard your clients and invoice them. 

The sales kit contains a pricing guide, proposal template, client welcome packet and an invoice template, all designed in one beautifully cohesive design style.

the sales kit
design samples

On-Brand Video Content Made Easy

Creating video content can be overwhelming and time-consuming. And if you have to hire outside help, it can also get expensive. Your video kit empowers you with the assets you need to create your own video content in-house and create a seamless branded experience across all your video content. 

Need a video intro bumper for your course? You can create one in under 5 minutes. 

Need eye-catching thumbnails for your YouTube videos? You’ll find dozens of beautiful designs to choose from.

the video kit
design samples

Stand out from the crowd and get exposure for your business

Whether you want to get booked on your dream podcasts or get booked by your dream clients, you’ll find everything you need to put your best foot forward inside your media kit. 

You’ll get an expertly made media guide proven to help you stand out from the crowd and get booked on high profile podcasts. 

You’ll also get a beautifully designed one-page bio sheet and a case study brief you can use to showcase your clients’ success stories. 

the media kit
design samples

Everything you need to create professional presentations

Whether you want to run professional live or virtual workshops or you want to make keynote speaking a part of your business, you’ll find everything you need inside your speaker kit. 

That includes beautifully designed slides, PDF handout templates and a speaker media kit to help you pitch yourself for high profile speaking gigs.

the speaker kit
design samples

All the visual assets you need to brand, launch and promote your podcast

Planning, recording and publishing a podcast is already a lot of work. Your podcast kit gives you all the visual assets you need to promote your podcast, including audiograms, social graphics and Pinterest graphics. 

So, you can spend less time DIY-ing your own graphics and more time creating amazing content for your podcast. 

You’ll also get tons of cover art templates to help you brand (or rebrand) your podcast and give it a polished and professional look.

the podcast kit
design samples

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