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build a brand you can be proud of that attracts your ideal clients that makes you look expensive that converts strangers into fans that boosts your confidence that makes you look like a pro that helps you stand out that elevates your business that makes your heart sing that helps you get sh*t done

Style & Strategy is the free-spirited genius of the bunch. It’s the perfect fit for you if you want your brand to be a combination of trustworthy expertise and soothing, joyful energy.

a quick tour of the collection

brand personality

Style & Strategy is organized, intuitive, structured and creative.

This brand exudes a calming energy and a light-hearted vibe. It's efficient, reliable and trustworthy. But it's also kind, intuitive and supportive. Style & Strategy is both strong and delicate.

brand visuals

Brand Fonts
Brand Colors
blueberry (signature color palette)
green & pink
Brand Imagery

More Color Options Available!

Introducing the 2023 Color Collection!

The Style & Strategy collection now comes in dozens of *NEW* Unique Color Palettes

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brand match

This collection is an ideal match for the following business types:

Your Business Type:

Course Creator, Life Coach, Consultant, Blogger, Influencer, Speaker, Author, Photographer, Podcaster, Copywriter, Designer, Professional Services

Your Industry:

Health & Fitness | Sales & Leadership | Personal Development | Design & Photography | Real Estate | Style & Beauty | Lifestyle Design | Cooking & Nutrition

Your Audience:

Mostly Female, Ages 25-55

brand vibe

This collection is a perfect fit for you if you want your brand to feel:


the brand personality matrix

Style & Strategy is a Summer Brand

The Brand Personality Matrix is a proprietary visual tool we developed to help you quickly visualize the spectrum of brand personalities, identify where your brand fits on the spectrum and which of our collections will work for you.

Not sure which Brand Personality you are? Take our Brand Quiz and find out!

what's included

Inside Your Digital Brand Kit

Design Kit
Blog Kit
Podcast Kit
Lead Magnet Kit
Course Kit
Video Kit
Webinar Kit
Social Kit
Email Kit
Media Kit
Sales Kit
Speaker Kit

Sneak a peek!

User-Friendly Drag & Drop Design

No design skills needed. Just pop your content into pre-made layouts, hit save and you're done.

We’ve done all the pixel-pushing, font-pairing, picture-curating and color-picking for you already. All you need to do is pop your content into the designated placeholders, hit save and you’re done.

sample from the social kit
No Canva. No Photoshop. No Problem.

Made 100% in PowerPoint. Yup, you read that right.

No need to learn (or pay for) any fancy design software. PowerPoint is the perfect tool for non-designers because it’s user-friendly and intuitive without sacrificing the sophisticated features and capabilities of the more advanced design tools. No mind-bending user-interface. No “pay to play” features.

Crafted to Convert

Your templates aren't just stunning, they're also strategic.

Every item inside your Digital Brand Kit was built using best practices and data-driven insights from the worlds of digital marketing, design psychology and personal branding. Our expert team went even further and developed built-in copywriting and content structures optimized to save time and get you results.

brand consistency made easy

Everything you need, in one cohesive design style

No more piecemealing your assets from a zillion different places. No more looking like a hot mess because your branding is all over the place. You'll have beautifully seamless branding across all your platforms and touchpoints.

"There’s a seamless beautiful continuity across all my marketing assets."

With Digital Brand Kit, I’ve been able to create so many great resources and lead magnets for my business: PDFs, checklists and guidebooks in addition to my presentations and they all look the same. There’s a seamless beautiful continuity across all my marketing assets. They all work perfectly together.

-brittany hodak, keynote speaker


Loving this template but want to use it with a different color palette? No problem!

This collection comes in a signature color palette but you also get it in six additional color palettes expertly chosen to work with this design. Each color palette gives this brand a unique look and feel. And by adding your images and copy, you’ll be able to create something that is uniquely yours. You can use your template in any of the colors below or follow our quick and simple video tutorials to swap in your brand colors and match it to your existing branding.

Swipe to see color options!

Wanna see more samples from this collection?

Head over to the demo page for a close look inside each kit!

LOVE style & strategy? MAKE IT YOURS.

You're an instant download away from owning this beautiful brand.

No matter which bundle you choose, you'll get access to your templates instantly so you can start your new project within seconds. 

Starter Bundle
kickstart your brand


Growth Bundle
grow your business


Full Bundle
the whole enchilada


" Within one weekend, I had all my brand assets available to me and ready to go."

And instantly, I elevated my rates, I elevated my credibility and I elevated my professionalism.

-hilary billings, keynote speaker

how it works

Step One

Pick the template design that's right for you

Our templates have all the strategy, intentional design and elevated feel of a custom brand without the custom price tag. Browse the collections and choose the design that best fits your desired look and feel or closely matches your existing branding.

Or take our Brand Personality Quiz and get a Brand Report with customized template recommendations.

Step Two

Choose the bundle that fits your needs and budget.

Depending on your budget, needs and what stage of business you’re at, you can choose to get the Starter Bundle, Growth Bundle or go all in and treat yourself to the Full Bundle. 

Step Three

Download your files and customize them to your heart's content.

Once you complete your purchase, you’ll instantly get access to your download links. You will also get access to our onboarding video series to show you how to install your files.

You can use our designs as is or tweak them further to make them even more unique to you. Either way, customizing your templates is super easy and you’ll have access to our video library with tons of tutorials to help you along the way.

Step Four

Launch your new brand, celebrate and let the compliments roll in!

Say buh bye to brand shame, overwhelm and procrastination. You now have a brand that makes you look good, feel confident and helps you get sh*t done. Hallelujah. Amen.

hear from our clients

"The confidence to feel like you can move forward on any new idea is priceless."

It’s amazing to be able to finally execute on something that you’ve been procrastinating on for months or years. There’s something about seeing the templates and seeing it all come together that makes you feel like “there is possibility there” and “I can actually do this”. It takes the overwhelm out of what might otherwise seem completely out of reach.

- Monica Leed, Professional Organizer

"I love that you already anticipated all of my design needs for me."

You don’t know what you don’t know and I had no idea what were ALL the assets my business needed. I could only anticipate my immediate graphic needs but then I would end up constantly playing catch up with my branding every time I realized I was missing an asset. Speaker kit, media kit, presentation slides, … you really thought about everything!

- Helen Ngo, Financial Advisor

"It’s affordable. It looks beautiful. Digital Brand Kit was a total no brainer for me. "

And it gave me all the assets I needed to launch my brand and be prepared to take on any project or opportunity that came my way, whether that was a speaking gig, a media interview or a promotional campaign.

- Elyse Archer, Global Sales Mentor

"Digital Brand Kit has taken instant gratification to a whole new level."

As a business owner, time is a very limited resource. And in my experience, the design process is very iterative and time-consuming. So, I love that I can just skip straight to the finish line. Being able to get an entire new brand identity for my business in one instant download is kind of mind-blowing.”

- Rafat Fields, Sales Expert

"The amount of wine, the amount of tears and, not to mention, the amount of money that Digital Brand Kit has saved me: priceless."

To be able to go in a weekend from “I have no speaker kit” to “hey, here’s my speaker kit”, that’s a really powerful thing. Especially when I’d been sitting on it for a year, not doing anything because I was so overwhelmed by the thought of this process.

- Hilary Billings, Keynote Speaker

"Before Digital Brand Kit, I was “shoulding” all over my self. I knew what I should be doing but I was paralyzed with fear and overwhelm."

I had everything else ready to launch my business but I was procrastinating around my visual identity. And that kept me stuck for a long time. Having all of my brand assets, ready to launch removed that barrier for me and got me excited about finally launching my business!

- Esma Kirim, Creativity Coach

why you will love it

Focus on doing what you do best.

Spend more time crafting great content for your audience and less time f-ing around on Canva to make it look good. 

Look like an expert and charge like one.

Uplevel your visual brand so you can position yourself as an expert and confidently charge premium prices for your products and services.

Create gorgeous designs effortlessly.

With pre-formatted placeholders and designer-approved layouts, you can DIY your own graphics without looking like a DIY job.

Create more content, faster.

You’re empowered to create your own content without having to go through a formal design process.

Never start from scratch. Always look professional.

No more recreating the wheel or “inventing” new designs every time you need to create a graphic.

Take control of your own marketing.

Bring your ideas to life in minutes (instead of hours or days) and without relying on outside help.

frequently asked questions

You will receive an immediate email confirmation with the links to download your files as well as the link to our onboarding video series which walks you through every step of installing your templates.

Within 20 minutes, you’ll be able to access all your files and get to work on your first project!

Our founder is an award-winning graphic designer who’s worked with mega brands like Google, The Walt Disney Company, Wells Fargo, TED, and more. (Yep, she’s pro-er than pro.) So, why would a leading design expert choose to build Digital Brand Kit with PowerPoint? Here’s why:

It provides an intuitive, this-is-not-rocket-science interface with the advanced design functionality that you’d normally only find in more complex (and pricey!) design tools. That’s right – PowerPoint delivers all the bells and whistles you get with tools like Photoshop or InDesign without the expensive subscription, overwhelming user interface or years of practice required to learn how to use them.

In addition, it’s got all the user friendliness of a tool like Canva, without the design limitations, “pay to play” features or overused cookie-cutter designs.

And if you’re wondering whether you can get high resolution and super profesh-looking graphics and other visual assets from PowerPoint, the answer is an unequivocal YES. Our tutorial videos will show you how.

The best part? PowerPoint is likely already on your computer and costs less than $10 per month with a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Yes, our templates can only be used in PowerPoint. You can, however, export your PowerPoint files into PDFs, PNGs, JPGs, GIFs, MP4s and just about any other three-letter file type you might need.

Your Digital Brand Kit includes access to our comprehensive Tutorial Library where you’ll get all the video support you need to become a PowerPoint pro user, comfortable handling everything from the most basic functionality to the more advanced tricks and features. (When we say we’ve made this easy, we mean eaaaasy!) Once you see everything that you can do in PowerPoint, you’ll never want to use another design tool again. 

Wanna see examples of video tutorials? Check out our Knowledge Base

Absolutely! If you already have a style guide, logo, colors and fonts, our templates can plug right into what you already have and give you a suite of pre-made assets to match your existing branding. All you have to do is find the template that most closely aligns with your existing branding and from there you can load up your brand colors, add your logo and boom you’re done.

No problem! Your downloads include a handy “logo maker” template that contains 24 done-for-you personal brand logos that you can easily customize with your name and tagline to create a professional logo, on your own and in just a few minutes. You also get a professional style guide containing all your brand details including color codes, font details, imagery, icons and brand voice.

Super duper easy. Our templates are built using a customizable color theme. This means you can change the color palette of your template in one click by easily switching the master theme to your existing brand colors, or choose from any of the 7 pre-made color palettes that come with your template. You’ll find all the guidance and step-by-step instructions you need in the tutorial video library.

Yup! All of our templates come loaded with all the beautiful imagery (and videos) you see in the demos. Royalty-free images and videos are provided courtesy of Unsplash.com and Pexels.com

Your templates also come with a custom image library curated to match each design. 

You can swap out the images in our templates for your own pictures or your favorite stock photos. Check out our Resources page for our favorite places to get gorgeous paid stock photography!

All fonts used in our templates are either free Google fonts or free designer fonts. We provide you links to download all the fonts you need.

You can change anything you want about your templates. That includes colors, layouts, and yes, fonts. Just keep in mind that the fonts used in your templates were expertly-curated to pair well together and work with the overall design and vibe of your brand. If you do choose to change the fonts, it will be up to you to make sure that the new fonts you selected work well together and support the overall design theme of your template. Also, you may have to do a little design clean up to adjust your layouts for the new fonts if things shift.

If you really need to customize your template fonts, we recommend using our customization service. We’ll make the proper font recommendations, take care of the nitty gritty and hand you the ready-to-use files. Click here for more information about our template customization services.

Yes, we can! We take on a limited number of customization projects each quarter. We can customize anything from the color palette to the fonts and images. We can even add your images and logos into your templates and hand you your own fully custom branded Digital Brand Kit package. 

Investment starts at $950. Click here for more information about our template customization services.

We’re here to help! You can take our Brand Quiz to get clarity around your brand and get personalized template recommendations based on your design style. And if you need more help, you can book a Free Design Consultation where we will help you sort through the options based on your specific business needs.

Because we believe you shouldn’t have to wait until you are a 7-figure business to look like one. And because we want to support those for whom high-price offerings can feel out of reach or debilitating especially if you are just starting out and you’re not sure if your idea will be profitable right away. There are enough barriers you have to overcome to get your business up and running, we don’t want this to be one of them. We want Digital Brand Kit to be a source of inspiration and be the confidence catalyst to help you get excited about your brand and have all the tools you need to start making things happen in your business.

All the deets are on the “Pricing” page with a full breakdown of all the assets included in each kit!

Absolutely. If you get the Starter Bundle or Growth Bundle and decide that you want the whole enchilada after all, just email us at support@digitalbrandkit.com with a copy of your invoice and we’ll send you a special link to buy the bundle you’d like. You will simply pay the difference between the two bundles, plus a $100 upgrade fee, and we’ll send over your new files within 24 hours.

say buh-bye to #brandshame

You deserve a brand that you can be proud of.

Not the right fit?

Explore our other collections

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