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Roses are Red.
Violets are Blue.

Let's Figure Out Which Color is Truly You.

There’s power in making educated and strategic choices for your brand. And there is a big difference between building a brand that looks “pretty” and engineering a visual identity that authentically reflects your personality and effortlessly attracts your ideal clients. 

My hope is that you'll walk away from this workshop with a new understanding of color psychology and an unshakeable clarity on your true brand colors.

xo, Nadine

Part One

lesson #1

Why Colors Matter

When you understand the power of colors, you understand how you can leverage that power to shape perceptions and trigger emotions in your ideal clients. 

lesson #2

Anatomy of a Color Palette

Building an effective color palette is actually really simple. And yet most people get it wrong. This lesson will help you understand the building blocks of a color palette and the right way to build it.so you can build yours the *right way*!

Part two

exercise #1

The "Blind Color Test"

This is where the color magic happens! Our (almost patented) “Blind Color Test” is going to challenge you to make quick decisions about your brand and help you get epic clarity on your brand colors within minutes.

exercise #2

Your Signature Color Palette

Ready to turn your “Color Profile” into a “Color Palette”? We will show you the done-for-you method and the do-it-yourself method. You choose!

Woohoo! You did it! Yabadabadoo! Holy rainbow! OMG! Like, so exciting

Congrats on completing the Color Workshop!

build a brand you can be proud of that attracts your ideal clients that makes you look expensive that converts strangers into fans that boosts your confidence that makes you look like a pro that helps you stand out that elevates your business that makes your heart sing that helps you get sh*t done

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