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A message from Nadine

If you know me, you know that I’ve been a diehard PowerPoint ambassador for 10 years.

I built Digital Brand Kit on PowerPoint for one reason: it’s the most robust design platform that gives you all the bells and whistles of the professional design tools without the mind-bending interface. And I still believe that.

That being said, I’ve recently given a second chance to (and fallen in love with) this little tool called Canva.

I was introduced to Canva 10 years ago when I started my first design business. 

At the time, it was a “cute but flimsy” design tool that I toyed around with a few times. And up until a few years ago, it lacked the features needed to support the massive product that is Digital Brand Kit with all the functionality that our product required.

Fast-forward a decade and it has undeniably become the most powerful design tool on the planet for non-designers. I spent weeks diving deep into the platform, learning its features, exploring its functionalities, and I’ve been blown away by it.

And after weeks of interviewing our clients and hearing so many of you also raving about Canva and (not-so-silently) hinting at the fact that you “wish DBK was on Canva”, we decided to do something about it.

So here’s the scoop: a couple of months ago, we hired and trained an amazing team to convert our entire product suite and migrate thousands of design assets into CanvaThe process took several weeks and required a massive time and money investment. It also involved many coffee-fueled all-nighters and a few “wtf, this is so much work, why are we doing this?” moments.

But, boy, it was worth it.

Seeing all of our beautiful brand assets on Canva and knowing how many more people will be able to enjoy them and use them because they are on a platform they know and love, truly lights me up.

And I cannot wait for you to get your hands on these assets.

There are only two ways to get access to the Canva versions of our PowerPoint templates!

If you are a current client, we’ve sent you an email with all the details about how you can unlock the Canva version. Didn’t receive the email? No worries. Just shoot us a note and let us know you are interested in the Canva version and we’ll send over the deets.

If you are not a client (yet!), you can only access the Canva files for FREE by purchasing a Full Bundle package before the end of September. After September, the only way to unlock the Canva files is by paying for the upgrade, so get in on this sweet deal now!

Disclaimer: the PowerPoint version is not going away! We’re just going to give you the option to also get your templates on Canva. So you get BOTH! 

xo, Nadine

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