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If you're thinking "WTF... Why PowerPoint?"

Read on.

If you’ve always thought PowerPoint is just a tool for making presentations, we've got news for you: it is so much more than that. Not enough people know this, but you can use PowerPoint to create anything from logos to videos and everything in between.

PowerPoint is the most comprehensive and complete design tool out there that combines an intuitive, user-friendly interface with advanced design functionality you’d normally only find in the more complex design tools.

PowerPoint has all the bells and whistles you get with tools like Photoshop or InDesign without the expensive subscription, overwhelming user interface or years of practice required to learn how to use them.

And it’s got all the user-friendliness of a tool like Canva, without the design limitations, clunky asset management, “pay to play” features or overused cookie-cutter designs.

The best part? It’s probably already on your computer and it costs less than $10/month.

See it in action

Here are 7 Things You Didn't Know You Could do in PowerPoint

Watch us build gorgeous graphics in minutes, from scratch, using nothing but PowerPoint.

Side by Side Comparison

Here's how PowerPoint stacks up against other popular design tools

PowerPoint is truly a "best of both worlds" application. It’s intuitive and user-friendly with all the robust features of more advanced design tools.


Complicated Interface

Advanced features but requires extensive training to master

Local File Storage: Save and edit files safely on your computer

Unlimited File Storage

Unlimited designs per file

Stable Offline Platform

Files are organized and editable on your computer

Access to raw files

For Presentations:

No presenter mode

No animations

Need to export as a PDF or images and manually add to a slideshow


(with Adobe Creative Suite Subscription)

The Sweet Spot


User-friendly Interface

Advanced features and easy to use for non-designers

Local File Storage: Save and edit files safely on your computer

Unlimited File Storage

Unlimited designs per file

Stable Offline Platform

Files are organized and editable on your computer

Access to raw files

For Presentations:

Best in class, robust presenter mode with dual screen presenter view and tons of features like auto captions, next slide view and pen tool

Advanced animations

No slide limit

No character limit in notes


(with MS Office Subscription)


User-friendly Interface

Easy to use for non-designers but limited features and capabilities and useful features locked in paid version

No Local File Storage: Only editable inside the app. Cannot edit files once downloaded/exported

File Storage Limited to 100 GB

Limit of 100 slides/pages per file

Glitchy platform if internet connection is unstable

Only final non-editable files can be organized on your computer

Canva offers limited file organization capability.

No access to raw files

And no ability to download it for later use, if you move away from Canva in the future.

For Presentations:

No presenter mode/feature. Need to export as a PDF or images and manually add to a slideshow

No animations

Limited to 100 slides

Max 2,000 characters in notes


(Canva for Business Subscription)

PowerPoint vs Canva

Like Canva, PowerPoint is easy to use and affordable. But unlike Canva, PowerPoint allows you to save and organize your editable files safely on your computer, gives you much more advanced design functionalities and doesn't make you pay extra for design assets.

Biggest Drawbacks of Canva

Overused Template Designs

One of Canva’s greatest appeals is the thousands of pre-made templates they offer. But that also means your favorite Canva template is being used by a lot of people. This creates a high likelihood that you’ll look like a carbon copy of someone else.

Clunky Asset Management

Having floating assets scattered around your Canva account doesn’t just create chaos in your business, it also makes it much harder for you to scale your content creation and manage your assets like a pro.

No Local File Storage

Building your entire content library and marketing arsenal on Canva is like building your house on rented land. This is your intellectual property. You need secure access to your raw design files, with offline access at all times.

4 Reasons to switch to PowerPoint


No Slide Limits

Canva limits you at 100 slides per file. PowerPoint doesn’t. The end.


Stay Organized

Keep your files safely (and neatly) organized on your computer. No floating assets.


Present Like a Pro

PowerPoint’s “Dual Screen Presenter View” feature alone is worth the switch.


Free Images & Icons

PowerPoint comes with a library of free stock photos, illustrations and icons.

"Before Digital Brand Kit, I used to create all of my own graphics inside Canva. And as a non-designer, it was a great tool for me to use as a beginner."

But the problem with Canva is that I got lost and distracted by all the different templates in there. It was overwhelming and I would waste so much time trying to decide which templates to use and how to make them look more like me. I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I can just go onto my kits, pick out a template, plug my content in and be done.

- helen ngo, financial advisor

PowerPoint vs Photoshop

PowerPoint gives you the design quality you’d normally get with a professional-grade tool like Photoshop without locking your assets behind a complicated and intimidating user interface that takes years to master.

Biggest Drawbacks of Photoshop

Mind-Bending User Interface

If you’ve ever tried to use Photoshop before, you know how overwhelming the interface is. It looks like the dashboard of an intergalactic spaceship where you’re afraid to touch anything because you don’t know what any of the buttons do.

More Juice Than You Need

It’s been estimated that 90% of Photoshop users use less than 10% of the functions available to them. That’s because Photoshop is an extremely advanced tool that only professional designers need for very complex, custom projects.

Requires Extensive Training

You may be excited about the idea of taking a 16-hour Photoshop crash course so you can master the tool but good luck getting the rest of your team on board. Skip the crash course. Use a tool that everyone can master.

4 Reasons to switch to PowerPoint



Get all the fancy design capabilities of Photoshop with an intuitive interface.



Save the money. You’ve got enough expensive subscriptions to pay for. 


Easy Outsourcing

No need to hire a highly skilled designers. Anyone can use PowerPoint.


Do more, faster

A simpler user interface means you can design anything with less clicks.

"When I found out these templates were made in PowerPoint, at first, I thought you were crazy."

Like, what? What do you mean PowerPoint? I really, truly didn’t understand it. I always just assumed everything was done in Photoshop or InDesign. But my biggest problem with those programs, is that I’m the only one on my team who knows how to use them. So, the thing about PowerPoint once I opened it up and saw how easy it is, is that ANYBODY can do it. It’s very intuitive. Anyone on my team can go into PowerPoint and customize the templates which means I'm not the bottleneck for design projects anymore. I've been using Photoshop for a long time but I'm a PowerPoint convert now.

- monica leed, professional organizer

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