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Book Your Color Consultation

A fun and transformative process designed to help you identify your signature colors and strategically build a color palette that supports your unique brand personality and specific business goals.

a foolproof system for choosing your brand colors

Instead of choosing your colors based on taste or trends, we will follow a proven framework and step-by-step process to help you choose your colors based on truths.

We will identify the colors that best embody your brand energy and strategically curate a color palette that makes you irresistible to your target audience and helps you stand out in your niche or industry.

You will get expert color recommendations and walk away with a science-backed custom color palette and an unshakeable sense of conviction in your color choices.

This Color Consultation is right for you if:

You’ve unsuccessfully tried to guess what your brand colors should be by staring at the ceiling, seeing what other people are doing and/or asking your friends for feedback. 

You’re tired of wasting your Sunday afternoons curating never-ending Pinterest boards of “inspiration” for your brand.

You’ve hired a designer to help you nail your brand colors but ended up with a color palette that feels bland, unoriginal and inauthentic.

You’ve tried to DIY your color palette with generic templates and ended up looking like a carbon copy of someone else.

You don’t want to waste anymore time second-guessing your brand colors and you’re ready to start creating content, getting out there and building momentum for your business.

You know your visual identity will be a crucial part of the success of your personal brand and you want to make sure you get it right.

how it works

This is a private Consultation Call during which we will help you identity your unique color profile using the process and principles from the Color Workshop.

You will answer a series of introspective questions that will help us identify your Color Profile, meaning the colors that best represent your brand energy and support your business goals. Then we will pull your colors together into a balanced and beautiful color palette designed to match one of our 10 Template Collections.

We will either make a recommendation for the best Premium Palette from our Color Catalog to support your Color Profile or we'll create a custom color palette made just for you.

During this consultation, you will:

Discover what your signature colors are based on your personality and brand positioning.

Intentionally curate a color palette that feels unique, authentic and impactful.

Finally understand why colors you may have chosen in the past “just didn’t feel right”.

Learn which colors will support your message and attract your ideal clients and which colors you should avoid.

Gain a practical understanding of color theory and how you can use it to your advantage.

Leverage data-based insights about color psychology to make informed and strategic decisions about your brand colors.

What you will get

In addition to gaining clarity and confidence about your brand colors, here are the 3 tangible deliverables you will walk away with:

Color Profile Report

A Personalized Color Profile Report summarizing the results of your Color Consultation.

A Unique Color Palette

An expertly-curated Color Palette made just for you and designed to work perfectly with your chosen template collection.

Design Sample PDF

A Design Sample PDF previewing your custom color palette in action and containing your exact color codes.

ready to book your color consultation?

Choose the Consultation Package that Best Fits your Needs and Budget


Color Consultation

During this consultation, we will walk you through our proprietary “Blind Test” to help us identify your signature colors and then we will go through the Color Shop and help you find the perfect match for your color profile. You’ll get personalized recommendations from Nadine and you’ll be able to request up to (2) color modifications to any of our Color Shop options.

what you'll get:

(1) Premade Color Palette from the Color Shop

(1) Color Modifications Upon Request

10% Discount on our Done-For-You Color Customization Service*

Investment: $697

The investment for this consultation includes the price of your Premium Color Palette.


Color Consultation

During this consultation, you’ll go through our proprietary “Blind Test” to help us identify your signature colors and then Nadine will craft (3) Custom Color Palettes for you to choose from. You’ll get up to (2) rounds of revisions on any of your proposed palette options.

what you'll get:

(3) Color Palette Options
Custom Made Just For You

(2) Rounds of Revisions

20% Discount on our Done-For-You Color Customization Service*

Investment: $997

*The Done-for-You Color Customization Service is an add-on service not included with this color consultation. With this add-on service, we will customize all of your assets to your color palette and deliver a final package of all your assets already customized for you.

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