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a blue chair

Selling Is Not Selfish (a Rant)

Selling isn't selfish. Because selling isn't about you. It's about the people you're serving. [...]
A light against a wall

5 Steps for More Sales & Happier Clients

It’s nearly impossible to run this process without garnering incredible intel to improve your product as well as your marketing copy. [...]

The 9 Essential Sales Assets

Do you have a solid product or service but revenue is lethargic? Your sales process might be missing one of these 9 essential assets. [...]
editing tips to improve your brand photos

Quick Tips to Edit & Enhance Your Brand Photos

No need to hire a photo editor on Fiverr to fix those images you don't like. Watch this video tutorial for quick tips to edit the images yourself! [...]
3 essential poses for your brand photoshoot

3 Essential Poses for Your Photoshoot

Thinking about doing a photoshoot for your personal brand? Make sure these three poses are on your shot list. [...]
Entrepreneur with cell phone planning her brand photoshoot

Plan Your Brand Photoshoot Like a Pro

This is a play-by-play of how I 30x’d the ROI of my brand photoshoot. As you'll learn, the money is in the prep work. [...]
Science of Brand Quiz 1

The Science Behind the Brand Quiz

Entrepreneurs make this mistake with their visual branding all the time. That's why we created the Brand Quiz to fix it. [...]
Best design platforms for your website

The Best Design Platforms For Your Website 

Wix, Squarespace, and Showit are the top three website design platforms I recommend. Learn about the pros and cons of each platform so you can build your brand on the right digital rails. [...]

3 Mistakes that Ruin Your Color Palette

Even professional designers make these three color palette mistakes. Learn how to spot them and fix them. [...]

5 Tips to Communicate Your Vision to a Designer

Here are 5 tips to minimize the suck and maximize the squeeze to get amazing deliverables from your designer. [...]

Spice Up Your LinkedIn Profile

You have a huge opportunity to use visuals to stand out on LinkedIn. (Most people neglect it.) Here are two easy ways to do that. [...]

Design or Copy: Which Comes First?

Design or copy first? The answer matters because it impacts your workflow (efficiency!) and your content quality (no more DIY vibes).  [...]

The Anatomy of the Perfect Color Palette

Ready to learn what makes an effective color palette? You’re about to get a mini crash course in graphic design! [...]

The Right Way to Choose Colors for Your Personal Brand

Just because you are attracted to certain colors doesn’t mean they are the right colors for your personal brand. [...]

How to Give Better Design Feedback

Follow these three tips to give your designer actionable feedback that will turn a disappointing first draft into a gorgeous second draft. [...]

Color Psychology: Red, Pink, & Purple

Do red, purple, or pink belong in your personal brand's color palette? Read this article to find out! [...]

Color Psychology: Black, Gold, & Gray

Does your personal brand need a touch of black? What about a shimmer of gold or a streak of gray? By the end of this article you’ll know if black, gold, or gray are right for your brand. [...]

Color Psychology: Yellow, Orange, & Brown

Here's what you should know about yellow, orange, and brown before you decide if these colors are right for your brand's color palette. [...]

Color Psychology: Blue, Green, & Teal

Here's how to know if blue, green, or teal are good colors for your brand's color palette. [...]

How Much Do Your Brand Colors Matter?

More than fonts, more than composition, more than design style, colors are the single most impactful element of your brand. [...]

Add Personality to Your Brand without Losing Credibility

Combine elements from your ideal client avatar and your personality to engineer one cohesive, super-aligned brand identity that matches your personal vibe and attracts your dream tribe. [...]

The 10 Design Tools We Can’t Live Without

I get asked all the time about the design tools I work with, so I am sharing my top 10 favorite tools in this article. [...]

How to Recognize If Your Visual Identity Is Right for You

There are two dead giveaways that your visual identity is not right for you. This article will tell you if it's time for a personal brand rebrand. [...]

How to DIY Your Graphics without Looking Like a DIY Job

There are 3 common mistakes non-designers make that scuff the polish off their graphics. Here's how to fix them and instantly make your designs look more professional. [...]

How Do You Recognize Good vs Bad Design?

A lot of people think that design is just about making things look pretty. It’s not. But "pretty" is simply a byproduct of good design. Here's how to recognize it. [...]
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