Discover Your Brand Personality

Tell us what your business stands for and we'll tell you what it needs to look like.

Figuring out which design style and brand personality is in alignment with your business requires finding the right balance between your business objectives and your own personality traits.

You need to figure out how much of “you” to infuse into your brand identity to make sure it’s meaningful and authentic, while also communicating the right message and most importantly, helping you reach the right people.

This is the place where most people get stuck and experience “Brand Identity Crisis”.

A place where you are constantly second-guessing your design choices and feeling called to rebrand your entire business every other month because you have no idea what your brand personality should be or how to align your visual identity with it.

This quiz will help you sift through the confusion and the noise and get some answers and clarity.

Our questions are both insightful and strategic, with the goal of assessing your specific business needs while tapping into your ideal clients’ emotions as well as your own. Then we use design principles and color theory to translate those values and emotions into intentional and educated design decisions.

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What you'll get

Personalized Brand Recommendations and a Downloadable Brand Report

Once you complete the quiz you'll instantly find out what your brand match is.

Our brand personality quiz and framework is based on a 4 brand season matrix: the Spring Brand, the Summer Brand, the Fall Brand and the Winter Brand. 

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The Spring Brand

Vibrant, Creative, Friendly

The Summer Brand

Aspirational, Elegant, Organized

The Fall Brand

Abundant, Authentic, Ambitious

The Winter Brand

Decisive, Distinctive, Driven

Based on your brand match, you will get a full description of your brand personality.

 You’ll also get a downloadable PDF Brand Report containing a complete breakdown of your brand attributes, colors, fonts and visuals. Your Brand Report will give you a clear sense of what your brand stands for and which of our templates will best visually embody your brand personality.

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a note from nadine:

Finding your perfect brand style can take weeks, months and sometimes years...

I’ve seen it with my clients. And I’ve experienced it myself.

Trying to sort through the infinite color combinations, font pairings, Pinterest mood boards and latest design trends… so that you can nail that ONE design style that just “feels perfect”.

It can be a frustrating, long and unproductive process.

I created this brand quiz and framework to help you codify all of those nebulous concepts and floating ideas about what you want your brand to FEEL like and translate them into educated design choices and designer-approved recommendations.

It’s kind of magic. You tell me what you want your brand to feel like and what kind of people you want to attract and I tell you what your visual identity needs to be to create that vibe that will attract your tribe. The best part? It only takes 3 minutes. Instead of 3 months.

xo, Nadine